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      More than 10 years of industry research and development, production experience, focus on research and development, production of outdoor sports clothing, footwear used in a full range of products.
       Waterproof Strip use multi-layer thermoplastic adhesive film or coated fabric cut. They can be applied to the suture interface to prevent water from leaking from these slits. Waterproof stickers can be used in a variety of different applications, including jackets, industrial work clothes, tents, waterproof pants, footwear and military clothing and equipment.
      High elasticity hot melt adhesive films are used in personal clothing and high-performance clothing, they have been reliable for soft shell, bra flank, waist and trousers, high-performance seamless sewing clothes. These tapes have excellent reduction properties, and soft frilly supple smooth.
The suture reinforcement band is reinforced for use with slits made of ultrasonic or laser equipment.
This suture reinforcement has a high strength and offers a variety of configurations, whether you use soft shells, 2 layers or 3 layers of fabric. Meet your needs. Decorative film and tape is a cost-effective fashion elements, can be integrated into any clothing design. These materials are pre-bonded using a unique adhesive film and tailored to your requirements. These are included in the cost.
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